• The 12-volt vehicle siren is for use on Golf Carts, ATV's and Gator utility vehicles.
  • The bike siren model uses a 9.6-volt re-chargeable battery (battery & charger included).
  • For pedestrian warning ONLY. 
  • User programmable sound mode combinations: Wail, Yelp, Hi-Low, Horn and more.
  • Watertight siren housing and switch-box.
  • Waterproof circuit boards.
  • Mini-Siren operating temperature range between 32°F and 110°F.
  • Color matte black.


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Wail… 620Hz to 2500Hz


Yelp… 620Hz to 2500Hz


Hi-Low… 620Hz to 2500Hz


Horn… 500Hz to 800Hz range


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